Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week of October 26th

This week we are wrapping up sentence structure and moving on to reading comprehension strategies. The students will take a unit test early next week on the entire reading strategy unit- morpheme study, sentence structure, and comprehension strategies. The students will take the test after a jeopardy review next Monday.

Monday: Teacher for a day- students create and teach the class a lesson on everything they've learned about subjects and predicates to the group.

Tuesday: Students will learn and implement before-reading comprehension strategies including predicting, skimming/scanning, and KWL charts. We will read an exert from their literature books.

Wednesday: Students will learn and implement during-reading strategies including stopping to ask yourself questions, highlighting/taking notes, and visualization. We will read a poem.

Thursday: Students will learn and implement after-reading comprehension strategies including summarizing with a graphic organizer, answering questions about the text, and book-club discussions.

Friday: Students will use one before, during, and after reading strategy to comprehend a short text.

The unit ends with a test on Monday. The next unit will be on writing/analyzing texts.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Week of October 19th

This week we are wrapping up morphemes and moving on to sentence structure.

Monday- Worksheet and morpheme jeopardy review
Tuesday-Morpheme quiz, finding a verb activity, and probe
Wednesday- Finding subjects and predicates activity and probe
Thursday- Finding the subject and predicate story-activity and probe
Friday- Subject and predicate quiz and independent work

We will be continuing to work on building a learning community with staff and students supporting each other's learning.

**Note: The senior class has finished their morpheme quiz on Monday. They will do each activity noted in addition to analyzing outside texts in preparation of breaking into separate activities from the other classes. The freshmen and sophomore classes will do the same over the next few weeks. The classes have been doing similar activities as these are the basics needed for higher education.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ms. Huffman, the student teacher, has taken over as lead teacher. :)

***This week we covered morphemes. Each day the students open class with looking at the rules they created and a schedule of the days activities. At the end of class, students take a credit/no credit mini quiz called a probe.***

Monday- 10 question reading strategy preassessment covering morphemes, comprehension strategies, and assistive technology.

Tuesday- Students put together paper cut-outs of morphemes to make words with prefixes, root words, and suffixes. They write the words they create on paper and underline the root word.

Wednesday- Students play madglib, a game that teaches parts of speech. They love it! We watch a video of President Obama addressing the American people about winning the Nobel Peace Prize. We read a NYT article about Obama winning the award, and the students write five words on paper, underlining the root word and boxing the suffix.

Thursday- Students play madglib and complete an activity, and the morpheme part of the reading assessment unit, pertaining to prefixes.

Friday- Students complete a review activity of the three morphemes in preparation of a jeopardy review game on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Week of October 5th

What is a Noun Objective: Identify parts of speech

Warm-Up Procedure: Chapter 3 Teacher/Student Review

Group Activity: {arts of Speech Jeopardy

Individual Work: Basic English Student Text
  • Pgs. 63-66Pgs. 70-71Pg. 374
  • End of Chapter Assessment