Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ms. Huffman, the student teacher, has taken over as lead teacher. :)

***This week we covered morphemes. Each day the students open class with looking at the rules they created and a schedule of the days activities. At the end of class, students take a credit/no credit mini quiz called a probe.***

Monday- 10 question reading strategy preassessment covering morphemes, comprehension strategies, and assistive technology.

Tuesday- Students put together paper cut-outs of morphemes to make words with prefixes, root words, and suffixes. They write the words they create on paper and underline the root word.

Wednesday- Students play madglib, a game that teaches parts of speech. They love it! We watch a video of President Obama addressing the American people about winning the Nobel Peace Prize. We read a NYT article about Obama winning the award, and the students write five words on paper, underlining the root word and boxing the suffix.

Thursday- Students play madglib and complete an activity, and the morpheme part of the reading assessment unit, pertaining to prefixes.

Friday- Students complete a review activity of the three morphemes in preparation of a jeopardy review game on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

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