Monday, October 19, 2009

Week of October 19th

This week we are wrapping up morphemes and moving on to sentence structure.

Monday- Worksheet and morpheme jeopardy review
Tuesday-Morpheme quiz, finding a verb activity, and probe
Wednesday- Finding subjects and predicates activity and probe
Thursday- Finding the subject and predicate story-activity and probe
Friday- Subject and predicate quiz and independent work

We will be continuing to work on building a learning community with staff and students supporting each other's learning.

**Note: The senior class has finished their morpheme quiz on Monday. They will do each activity noted in addition to analyzing outside texts in preparation of breaking into separate activities from the other classes. The freshmen and sophomore classes will do the same over the next few weeks. The classes have been doing similar activities as these are the basics needed for higher education.

Have a great week!

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