Monday, December 14, 2009

Week of December 14

It's almost time for Christmas break! Happy holidays!

This week our work again walks us through the writing process, which includes:

Freshmen- Creating and presenting a PowerPoint presentation, including note cards for delivering the presentation about the students' "cheese," or a goal the student has. This is based on the book Who Stole My Cheese? which we read and took notes on last week.

Sophomores- Finish up practicing the elements of a short story, then creating a short story that includes each of the elements: introduction, rise of action, climax, and resolution. We will revisit the ideas in War of the Worlds as a starting point for the students' short stories.

Seniors- Continuing to read Catcher in the Rye and writing a letter to the soldiers in Afghanistan, just in time for Christmas. Writing this letter ties in with the state's goal of having seniors learn to be leaders in the world outside the classroom.

After break, we will be tying up and reviewing what we've learned during the semester. Progress report grades will be sent out this week.

Take care for the next few weeks!

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