Monday, November 2, 2009

Week of November 2

The unit test has been moved to Tuesday, November 3 to allow for more time to review. This week we are wrapping up the Reading Strategy Unit and moving on to the Writing Process. Behavior in the room has improved and a learning community is in the works. Several students have stepped it up- I'm really pleased with how things are going!

Monday- Jeopardy Review (Morphemes, Sentence Structure, and Reading Comprehension Strategies)

Tuesday- Unit Test on Reading Comprehension Strategies

Wednesday- Prewriting for Hemingway's, "Cat in the Rain." Each grade will recieve a different prompt surrounding the text. Those who finish early will move to the rough draft.

Thursday- Continue Prewriting for those who have not finished, continue/start rough draft, move on to editing.

Friday- Catch up on any late work, continue with the writing process.

Have a great week!

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